Monday, 10 August 2015

How To Use The... Toilet

How do you use the toilet properly?

Well, this may sound weird and you may think that I am crazy but it is natural for all humans to use the portaloo. Some of you may think that this topic is a bit unusual but hey, its normal for everyone to go to the bathroom.

Okay, the first thing you need to do when you are desperate to go to the ( Dramatic Sound Effect), The Throne Of Death! To ignore dying or catching disgusting germs, you MUST wipe the toilet seat or as I may call it, your ticket to get bad diseases.

Then, you pull down your … . After, you sit down in a comfortable position and finally you can use it. That is why you go there anyway!
Screenshot 2015-08-10 at 8.24.36 PM.pngSome people may think this is a bit weird but some people enjoy reading while they wait for the ghost train to come.

Once you are finished with your business, you rip some toilet paper and wipe yourself. Some people like to fold the toilet paper and others don’t really fold. Although, it is their own decision.

Finally, pull your underthings back up and flush the toilet after you are done. It is SO important that you clean up because well, others may use the same bathroom and they don't want to find a mess in there!

You're nearly free to go out to the world and be happy again. However, you have to wash your hands. It is REALLY REALLY important that you ALWAYS wash your hands after you are done. I mean, you do NOT want to get germs from the stinky dungeon.

Some countries use the toilet differently. They provide some weird features to make your experience desirable. For example: In Asia, some countries provide a T.V in each stall, how cool is that!  In America, they provide paper where people can sit on and when finished the paper can be flushed and it is biodegradable.  What do you think? Don't you think toilets are important? Keep it in mind every time you go.

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