Thursday, 7 December 2017

The Quest

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This is a fictional story that I wrote in Term 3. It tells the story of a young boy who goes on a challenging adventure to save his good friend, Milo and his priceless crown. Along the way, he overcomes difficult obstacles and meets a lot of unique characters. Writing this story was very amusing but also a bit challenging. I found that trying to think of new and creative storyline ideas was a very difficult task to do. I think that I could possibly use better adjectives and explain my characters better the next time I write a story.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

The Work of the Church Today

The Work of the Church Today

Questions I have about the work of the church and building up the kingdom of God.

  1. If one person turns away from God, can the church forgive that person or like the master in the parable, cast them away?
  2. Is the church certain that they know what God really wants?
  3. What are my gifts?
  4. As a sinner, if I serve the church, does that mean I am slowly building my relationship with God?

How I can use my gifts to build the kingdom of God:

How can I use my gifts to build the kingdom of God, when firstly, I don’t know what my gifts are? I think that some gifts that I have are the gift of service and music. If I have the gift of service then I can serve the church by help setting up for masses. The other gift I have is the gift of music. I could use this gift to praise and worship God through singing and playing instruments. The gift of service can help build the kingdom of God because Jesus taught us to serve and love others.

In Room 5, we have been learning about how the Church works today and how we can use our gifts from God to help build His kingdom here on Earth. We also learnt how we could use our gifts to help with the work of the Church.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Korean Language

In Term 2, the senior hub were doing Passion Projects. Everyone had created a presentation and a skill which they got to teach other students in our school. Josephine and I decided to teach other students how to speak Korean. This presentation explains the history of Hangul and our class names written in Hangul.

St. Mary Mackillop

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My class were learning or reflecting on the life of Christ the King's founder, St. Mary Mackillop. This poster shows what I have learnt about St. Mary Mackillop. It has a few facts about her and one of my favourite sayings of hers. It also includes a prayer that I had made and a timeline of her life. I created this poster to celebrate her feast day which was on August 8.

What Makes A Good Teacher

What Makes A Good Teacher

To be a good teacher, one must have good skills, attitudes and qualities. There are different values of skills, attitudes and qualities. Some skills are being able to communicate with students and parents and other staff, being able to clearly explain their teaching to the students and being organized. A good teacher needs to be loyal and dependable. Qualities that a good teacher must need is encouraging, patient and supportive to the students’ learning.

There are many skills that are compulsory for a good teacher. One skill is being able to clearly explain their teaching for students to understand. This skill is one of the most important skills because a good teacher must be able to teach and help students understand their learning so with that the teacher must clearly explain just in case the students can’t understand. Another skill that a good teacher requires is being organized for the class. Being organized is a very important skill because if the teacher is unprepared for the class, students wouldn’t be in the right place at the right time and it would be a waste of time that they could use to improve their learning. Also, students need to learn perseverance and organization and the teacher must be a role model for them to learn from.

In addition to having good skills, every good teacher must have the right attitudes. I think that a good teacher must be loyal and dependable. Having a teacher who has good attitudes can affect the students. Good teachers have to be loyal to their students and their teaching. I think that students would need a teacher who can teach them the value of loyalty. Students also need a teacher who is dependable because having a teacher who is dependable will help the students improve their learning. Students depend on teachers most of the time for their learning and a good teacher is always there to help and support their students learning.

Qualities that a good teacher needs are encouraging, patient and supportive. I think that a good teacher would be all of these things. As a student, having a teacher who is encouraging helps me try my best in my learning and in everything I do. I also know that a teacher who is patient and supportive will make a big impact on the students.

To conclude, having a teacher who has all these would definitely help their students with their learning. I think that Jesus was a good teacher because he had all these skills, attitudes and qualities and more.

By Maranita

Thursday, 18 May 2017

When You Thought I Wasn't Looking

When you thought I wasn’t looking

When you thought I wasn’t looking,
I saw you tuck me in at night
and I felt precious.

When you thought I wasn’t looking,
I heard you say goodbye to me when I left
and I felt loved.

When you thought I wasn’t looking,
I saw you get up early even though you were tired,
and I learnt that I should put others before myself.

When you thought I wasn’t looking,
I heard you worry about my health
and I knew that there was always someone watching over me.

When you thought I wasn’t looking,
I saw you give money to a less fortunate person,
and I knew that I should be kind to others.

When you thought I wasn’t looking,
I saw you buy me new clothes instead of buying clothes for yourself,
and I learnt that sometimes you have to sacrifice some things for love.

When you thought I wasn’t looking,
I saw you sneak fruit into my lunch,
and I knew you cared about my well-being.

When you thought I wasn’t looking,
I heard you forgive me after we fought,
and I learnt how to forgive others too.

When you thought I wasn’t looking,
I looked…
and I wanted to say thank you for all the things
I saw when you thought I wasn’t looking!


Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Conquering Balance Island

Conquering Balance Island

“Maranita, you can go first!” Mrs. Kopua said as I stared straight at the two ropes that could possibly cause me to fall into the freezing lake.
I looked at my friend with longing eyes. “Unnie... how about you go first?” I asked her.
After a long time of trying to persuade her, I finally had the courage to try and complete the terrifying balance island myself. After I got on, my mind became dizzy and it felt as though a swarm of butterflies were flying all around inside my stomach. However, I started on my way.
As I looked down at my reflection in the lake, a very familiar voice screamed “GO NITA! YOU CAN DO IT!”
While I continued to try to avoid falling into the hands of the seaweed reaching out for me, Losaline continued to cheer very loudly, embarrassing me. Despite the yelling, somehow I managed to reach halfway. I looked at the end, mumbling to myself that it wasn’t far. I started on my way again, this time moving quickly. Time passed by and I finally reached the end!
I jumped off the rope victoriously and with a huge smile on my face.
“Good girl Maranita! Now walk over to the bridge and have a go on that one!” Mrs. Kopua yells.
My smile faded away as I made my way to the bridge.
‘Oh well! At least I completed the hardest one!’