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Everything You Need To Know About Tahiti

 Which country is the heart and soul of South Pacific? That would be Tahiti. Tahiti is located in the South Pacific. It is a French territory. Tahitians mostly speak French. Though, they still speak in Tahitian.  

Tahiti has the same timezone as Hawaii. states that ‘Tahiti has the same distance south of the equator as Hawaii is north’. It also states that the French Polynesians are commonly known as Tahiti. Tahiti is split into two parts, Tahiti nui and Tahiti ti. Tahiti nui is the larger portion of Tahiti and Tahiti ti is the smaller portion. Tahiti nui is controlled by three extinct volcanoes. One of them are Mount Orohena. Mount Orohena is the tallest mountain in French

The capital of Tahiti is called Papeete. It lies in the north-west  coast of Tahiti. Papeete is also one of the largest urban counties in the South Pacific. It is known for its excellent harbour. Now it is a place for trade and a favourite port of call for whalers. After the French conquered Tahiti, Papeete was made seat of government.

The Tiare is Tahitis national flower. It is a type of gardenia that grows in the largest island of Tahiti, Tahiti Nui. states that the Tiare is very rare and is deeply linked to its country. The Tiare represents, not only its country, every Tahitian and its culture. Tahiti has made the Tiare its emblem. ‘It is an essential element of the culture’ says. says, ‘Tahiti is the hub of all cultural acitvity’. Every July, Tahiti celebrates a big celebration that involves music and dancing. Every year, there is a Tahitian dance show that is held in the InterContinental Resort every Friday and Saturday night.
Political and Social life:

Before Europeans arrived to Tahiti, the islands were split into tribes that were mostly ruled by powerful families.  The families that were powerful got their powers at the beginning by the family’s connection with the gods. Most tribes never had a chief to lead the tribe. Even without a chief, the tribes lived peacefully and in harmony.

Religion and power

In the past, religions were based on myths and legends that was passed on to one generation to another. In a marae, priests and ‘orero (Tahitian for great learned men) tell myths and legends during big ceremony. These myths and legends are linked to gods and ari’i.  

Death symbols

Tahiti believes that when you are dead, your body (tino) and soul (iho) are separated. Other countries believe the same thought as well. Like Egyptians, ancient Polynesians thought that a beautiful ceremony would be appropriate for the person who died. The people also believed that if the ceremony went badly, the spirit would haunt all those around. For the most important people, their funeral would last for about 7 months. The spirit can also send messages to those who are alive and even give them some advice if they ask them.

Housing and Weaving

Houses in Tahiti used to be constructed differently from how they build their houses today. When they built a house of their own, the construction would be based on their religion. In order for more sacred houses to be built, people had to bring offertories and pray. At least, that was recommended. Polynesian houses were mostly built on a stone platform. Each house had its own purpose. For example: Some houses were built for the gods and some were used as canoe warehouses. There were even detached buildings. Tahitian Weaving .jpg

In the olden days, native Tahitians did not know what pottery or metal was. So instead of using metal, they figured out how to weave. They made some weaving techniques and used it to create many things. Such as, baskets, hats, ornaments and many more.


Europeans arrived to Tahiti while native chiefs governed the islands. There were seven explorers that went to the islands of Tahiti. One of them was the famous James Cook. Before he had arrived, Ferdinand Magellan already explored Tahiti in 1521. Captain James Cook arrived in the year 1796. Most islands in Tahiti became a French territory over time. France decided to unite all the islands of Tahiti in 1889. That was the first time Tahiti was united.
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  1. Wow Tahiti is a lovely hot place to be in winter a good holiday place to rest and enjoy. It has interesting traditions and practices, I didn't know. Thanks Maranita a very thorough report.

    1. Thank you Mrs. Cochrane! I hope other people can enjoy Tahiti too and learn facts about the beautiful place like I did.

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