Wednesday, 23 September 2015

How To Be A Good Friend

Being a good friend isn't that simple. However, it isn't that difficult either. To be a good friend, you always have to tell the truth no matter what. A good friend should always listen to another friend even when you are not in the mood to listen. A good friend also needs the quality of forgiveness. True Friends.jpg

Honesty. Honesty may be one of the most important qualities in a good friend. Here is an example of honesty:
Your friend would like to go to the movies. However, you have to practice soccer for some sort of tournament. What you have to do in this situation is TELL THE TRUTH! Even though your friend may be hurt, she will understand that you can not come with her/him.

Another quality of a good friend is forgiveness. In order, for you to be a good friend is to always forgive your friends when they hurt you in any way. For example: One of your best friends just insulted you. If you are a good friend, you would forgive them because that is what a good friend would do. You may feel a bit hurt and wish that your friend hadn't said that but good friends always forgive.

Listening is another quality of a good friend. Sometimes, listening can be a bit difficult to do. Your friend and you may have different likings. For example: Your friend is interested in art but you enjoy sports. Your friend would love to tell you all about a new painting that was just revealed in the art museum. However, you aren’t that fascinated in art. A bad friend would walk away but a good friend would always listen no matter what.
Good friends are hard to find but if you are already a good friend, good friends can easily be found. That’s why, you should always try to be a good and helpful friend to others, so they can be good and helpful to you too.

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