Monday, 30 March 2015

Son of Slappy is a book about a boy, named Jackson Stander, who never gets into trouble unlike his sister, Rachel who always tries to get her big brother into some sort of trouble. Jackson comes across a ventriloquist dummy from a visit from his grandpa. Grandpa Whitman. During his stay there, he finds a large collection of all sorts of dummies. However, one dummy stood out from all the rest, it was Slappy. Slappy wore a gray suit and shiny black shoes. When it was time for the siblings to go back home, the dummy was found in Jackson's suitcase. Ever since, Jackson's life has been tough. He went from good to bad. Jackson tried to get his old life back.

I found this book interesting because of how the author described the detail. I also like this book because it was very convincing, it made me believe that I was actually there with Jackson. My favourite part was when Jackson did all the mischievous tricks on his family and friends. Although, one stood out for me. It was the part when Jackson put honey on a jumper, that was a gift from his favourite aunt and uncle. He then blamed it on his sister, but his mum didn't believe him, so he got into big trouble.

Screenshot 2015-03-24 at 8.25.38 PM.pngI recommend this book to 8 and over. This book is great for those who like scary stories and mischievous tricks.

By Maranita

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