Thursday, 4 September 2014


Cats are mammals. Mammals are animals that produce milk. A cat is also a carnivore. Their favourite food is meat (sometimes they eat fish.) Some of you may think there is one type of cat?... well you’re wrong. There are different type of cats all around the world. Even though they are all different from one another they belong to the same family, which is called the feline family.

Anyway, back to the question, if you think that all cats may be the same they aren’t. Cats have the same features like warm coats and long whiskers or sharp claws, furry paws. They also have a strong muscular form of body. Cats can be very different with each other. One minute their friendly the next they are a BEAST and they can be a hardcore predator. Once they have a prey, they stalk with their soft paws. They are experts at hunting. First they wait and then... 1...2...3 MEOW! It pounces for the prey.

People sometimes wonder where and when were cats tamed. Cats were tamed in Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians were the first to tame cats, the African wild cat was the first ever cat to be domesticated ( domesticated means tamed too.) The reason why they tamed cats was because they thought that cats would be very useful for catching mice. In ancient Egypt cats were helpful for a lot of things like chasing mice away from their food. Their other theory was that if you take an orange cat and a black cat you will get orange and black baby cats which means more cats.

Cats are valuable to us. They have been with us for many years.

By Maranita.

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