Monday, 11 August 2014


Sheep are mammals. They are also ungulates. Mammals are animals that produce milk and ungulates are animals that have hooves.

Sheep have wool. Some have long wool and some have short wool. They have black noses. It is important for them to smell. Their faces are narrow. most sheep have white and pure faces and others have black faces like the night sky. Even though their ears are small like piglets their sense of hearing are excellent. There are so many types of sheep like the Drysdale, Finn, Gotland Pelt and Hampshire.

All sheep live in herds. Their behaviour is different from each other. Most of the time lambs bounce excitedly and some behave obediently. People think that all sheep and lambs are gentle and nice but actually their right and wrong, not all sheep are nice and easy to hold some but.

Before humans tamed sheep they were like any wild animal. There were some animals that lived in the mountains. People believe that the ancestor sheep had very woolly coats that were very useful because up the mountains were very chilly. They also had longer and stronger horns than the sheep we have today. Today sheep have their horns debudded. We domesticated sheep for their warm and soft wool and also their milk.

Sheep have an interesting history. I think that sheep are unique and one of a kind.

By Maranita

A little lamb

A Drysdale sheep

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