Friday, 19 June 2015

This is how you make chocolate


  •  Cocoa Beans 
  • Milk 
  • Sugar 
  • Nibs 
  • Lecithin 

1. The first thing you need to make chocolate is cocoa beans. These beans can be found in West Africa. They look like little footballs. Cocoa trees are found in places that are near the equator. 

2. The beans are extracted and dried in the sun. Then they are shipped to different parts of the world to become chocolate. 

3. When they have arrived at their final destination, the beans are blended, cleaned and then dried again. After they have dried, the shells of the cocoa bean separated from the nibs, that are inside the beans. Nibs are the main ingredient of chocolate.

4. The nibs are then grounded in a liquid cocoa mass. The liquid mass is processed to create cocoa butter and cocoa powder.

5. Dark chocolate is made by mixing all of these ingredients and more. However, White chocolate is produced without both cocoa mass and cocoa powder. It only contains cocoa butter.

6. Then milk, sugar and lecithin is added to the liquid mass and is blended together with cocoa powder and cocoa paste. Then, the mixture is put into a series of rolls. The mixture is conched to make the chocolate become glossy in a fine crystallized size.

7. Once this has finished, the chocolate goes through the last system. This particular system is called ‘conching’. Then the last ingredients are added to the mixture that goes into a big tank. There the chocolate will develop flavor.

8. Once all of this is over, the chocolate is heated through a process called ‘tempering’. Tempering heats and cools down the chocolate.

9. Finally, the chocolate is ready. The chocolate is formed into blocks and different figures. It can use different ingredients to make different types of chocolate. 

By Maranita

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